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Ready to soften and define your curls? How about if we added a little hair-growth in there also? Yessss!! Only the best mousse on the planet! As a 25+ year stylist I wanted to design a mousse that delivered what all cur-lies needed and was easy to use at home and get results! The best Curl Defining Mousse we have seen yet! A lightweight UV & Color Protecting Mousse. For all types of textures and curls. Not only the best ingredients, but one main imported ingredient from Australia!

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How to Use
Best when applied to clean conditioned hair. Apply in sections with shingling process or brush (Brush with the Best). Sit under hooded dryer to dry 80%. Dry rest with a diffuser. If air drying you will receive softer curls but will not a longevity with hold. Please visit our Insta page for more instructions.

5 Key Ingredients: Bamboo, Agave, Green Tea, Beet Root Extract, and Sunflower Extract.